Band Sessions


The Interactive Rehearsal

Incorporating Written Warm-Ups into the Instrumental Music Classroom

Choir Sessions


Choir Reading Session

Conducting Masterclass

Nutrition for the Choral Singer: Feeding the Voice and Soul

Orchestra Sessions


Every Minute Counts!

Jazz Sessions


Practical Arranging for the Jazz Combo, with Aaron Lington

 Big Band Techniques on the Drumset, with Curt Moore

 * Drumset Clinics, Latin Grooves 

Teaching Jazz Improvisation in the Big Band Rehearsal, with Greg Brown

Technology Sessions


G-Suite for Music Educators, Part II - Chromebook Apps to Create Music

*G-Suite Goodle Doc Link

Software Demo: Create, Arrange, and Produce Music Using Ableton

Multicultural Sessions


Female Composers: Round Table Discussion

Mexican Games: Rhythm and Imagination

The Intersection Between Hip Hop Culture and Education

Classroom Music Sessions


The World is your Oyster!: Building Cross-Curricular Connections through Folk Music and Movement

Music for All: The Music Immersion Experience Program

Mindfulness in the Music Classroom 

Higher Ed Sessions


I Wasn't Trained For This!

A - Z for Music Teachers

Plan for the Good Life After College: Avoiding the “Quarter Life” Crisis 

Social Emotional Learn- ing in the Music Classroom (CalTPA Prep)

From Survive to STRIVE! First Year Teaching Strategies That Work

Adjudication and Special Events