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Registration for our 2020 Festivals is happening next week! Please make sure to have everything ready in order to participate in a CMEA Bay Section festival this year!

Monday September 9- Jazz Festival Registration opens at 4pm

Wednesday September 11- Band/Orchestra Festival Registration opens at 4pm

Friday September 13- Choral Festival Registration opens at 4pm

Monday September 23- Out of Area Festival Registration opens at 4pm

All festival registrations can be made through the registration portal located on the CMEA Bay Section website (Below). Please check that you know your username and password prior to the day that you are registering.

Please note that fees have been raised to $280 per group

After registering your ensemble(s) please print out the Registration Invoice and mail along with payment to:

CMEA Bay Section Executive Treasurer

P.O. Box 23435

San Jose, CA 95153

All festival fees are due on or before October 30, 2019

Groups that have not paid by the October 30th deadline will be dropped from the festival they are registered for.

If you register for a festival after the payment deadline, payments must be received within 30 days of your registration.

If you are having difficulty getting your festival fees paid by the October 30th deadline due to site/district issues, please contact the Large Group Festivals Coordinator Greg Conway via email at gconw345@gmail.com



New Festival Registration Site Directions

See the Tempo articles, referenced below, for information about the new festival registration site.

Members need their NAfME/CMEA ID# in order to register groups for festival.  To find your ID# go to the NAfME website to retrieve their membership number: http://www.nafme.org/find-your-account/



Since 2013-2014 Festival Season, all festivals have been named by their regions rather than by their Areas. The regions are: 

  • North (Areas I & VII), representing Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma counties.
  • East (Areas II & III), representing Alameda and Contra Costa counties.
  • South (Areas V & VIII), representing Santa Clara county.
  • West (Area VI), representing San Francisco and San Mateo counties.
  • Valley (Area IV), representing Alpine, Calaveras, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne counties.

Information on how to register for CMEA festivals can be found in the most recent Tempo.

  • Click here to create your account for Festival Registration
  • Click here for the Festival Registration Site

    Festival Registration Fees:

    Large Group: $280 per group

    Solo and Ensemble: $30 per entry 


    Rating ranges for all festivals. 

    Superior = 85-100

    Excellent = 84-64

    Good = 63-38

    Fair = 37-9

    For Jazz:

    On the back (Rubric):

    20 point categories — 

    Superior = 17-20

    Excellent = 12-16

    Good = 7-11

    Fair = 1-6


    Festival Evaluation Form

    After you have completed your festival(s) and listened to your adjudicator comments, please fill out and submit the Festival Evaluation and Adjudicator Evaluation forms. These forms can be filled out online by visiting the Festival Registration Site, above, or through the below links:


    The Solo and Ensemble Evaluation form can be filled out online by clicking the link below. 


    Medals Order Form

    After you have completed your festival(s), you may order medals, pins, or plaques by using the form below. Once you fill out the form, be sure to print it out and then mail it in. Medals, pins, and plaques are also sold at the festivals.


    Site Hosts


    Festival Repertoire

    Choral Repertoire - click here to get ideas for choral repertoire (docx)


    Festival Coordinators

    For specific questions regarding festival registration and processes, please contact

    Large Group Coordinator Greg Conway

    Solo & Ensemble Coordinator Danna Mitchell-Carter

    Adjudication Bob Calonico

    Festival Sight-Reading Routes

    Band/ Orchestra 2018


    Choral Sight-Reading Information

    Please click on the link below to see examples of the materials for Bay Section's Choral Sight Reading process. For your information, on the examples, Levels I and II are CMEA Bay Section Class 1, Levels III and IV are CMEA Bay Section Class 2, and Levels V and VI are CMEA Bay Section Class 3. You will have the choice of selecting any material in your class, as designated by your Classification when you register and select the Sight Reading option for your ensemble.


    Score Sheets and Rubrics: