2022 Winter Conference Sessions

Friday, January 7th  | 9:00AM – 10:15PM (Session 1)

Saturday, January 8th  | 9:00AM – 10:15PM (Session 2)

Location: Student Union Room 1


Preparing for and Adjudicating a Large Group Festival
Clinicians: Dr. Robert Calonico 
Type: Adjudication

Synopsis: Panelists will focus on the techniques and skills middle school and/or high school educators/students should be striving for in a festival performance, and what adjudicators should be listening for at a CMEA Bay Section large group festival. The sessions are open to everyone.


Tim Bacon, Middle School Band/Jazz
Patrick Dandrea, Middle School Band/Jazz Angelina Fitzhugh, Middle School Choir
Keith Johnson, High School Band/Jazz
Bruce Lengacher, High School Choir
Sandra Lewis, Middle & High School Orchestra