2022 Large Ensemble Festivals

Festival registration is now closed. If you are registered to attend an in-person festival please review the Bay Section Festival Procedures. Following your festival performance, please take the time fill out the Festival Evaluation survey to help us improve your festival experience.

Important Update for In-person Festivals

With recent changes to mask guidelines from the CDC and the State of California, CMEA Bay Section in-person festivals will no longer require masks and bell covers for participation. CMEA Bay Section still highly recommends the use of masks and bell covers for all festivals, but each festival site should follow state, county, and their district guidelines as it pertains to masking, bell covers, social distancing, and proper hygiene measures. It is understood that each county and school district will have a different set of guidelines. It is the site host’s responsibility to make sure that information on COVID protocols gets passed on to attendees in a timely manner. If a site does not require masks and bell covers, CMEA Bay Section still strongly recommend that each group do so. Bay Section is now requiring that each participating school submit an “Assumption of Risk” form (attached to this email). This form is intended to protect host schools, site hosts, and Bay Section. This form will require a signature from the school principal or designated administrator and should be submitted to your site hosts.

CMEA Bay Section Assumption of Risk Form


CMEA Comes to You Reminders/Guidelines

    • Adjudication sheets will be mailed to each site prior to the festival
    • Schools should make special accommodations at their school for this adjudicated performance
    • Schools should have an adequate performance space that includes an area with tables for adjudicators (theaters preferred)
    • Schools will be scheduled in AM time blocks (9am-12pm) or PM time slots (1pm-4pm)
    • Directors with multiple groups should plan on scheduling all of their ensembles to perform back to back in the designated time slot. We cannot provide adjudication for groups during a class period (i.e. group 1 during 2nd period, and group 2 during 5th period).
    • Groups with one ensemble will be scheduled in a 50 minute time slot for performance + clinic
    • Groups with two ensembles will have a time block of 100 minutes for performances + clinics
    • Groups with three ensembles will have a time block of 2.5 hours for all performances + clinics
    • Schools that would like to schedule more than three groups, including combining with other schools within their district, should contact Greg Conway
    • Directors will be responsible for printing all evaluation materials for judges (to be posted on the website)
    • This festival will follow all guidelines all procedures for a large ensemble festival, including time limits, performance guidelines, and providing music scores for all adjudicators
    • Groups will NOT be required to sight-read and will not be eligible for a Unanimous Superior plaque