Outreach Program

Through our Outreach Project we have reached many educators and students in our community and we are excited to share new opportunities available to you this coming school year.

In addition to conference opportunities we are expanding our Outreach Project into the classroom. The Outreach Project’s “CMEA in the Classroom” aims to send CMEA Bay Section clinicians into the classrooms of Title I music programs that have not experienced a CMEA music festival, or, cannot attend a festival this year due to financial constraints. Clinicians will provide a free session to participating ensembles using the CMEA Bay Section Adjudication Rubrics to introduce students and directors to the CMEA festival experience.

CMEA Bay Section is eager to serve you and your students and we hope that these opportunities will benefit your community. For more information on how to take advantage of these great opportunities, please contact Past-President Bruce Lengacher at bruce@cmeabaysection.org