2022 Bay Section Festivals

2022 Bay Section Large Ensemble Festivals

CMEA Bay Section festivals are intended to encourage musical growth and support educators and their students through adjudicated performances that include feedback from local professionals. We realize that travel and performance opportunities are limited for many programs due to restrictions set by each school district. To meet the needs of all of schools, this year CMEA Bay Section is offering three types of festival opportunities as outlined below. Please don’t hesitate to attend a festival this year because you feel your groups are not at your pre-pandemic standards. There is something for everyone this year! CMEA Bay Section adjudicators know that we’re rebuilding and are here to provide positive feedback.

Classifications for Large Group Festivals

    • Class 1: Elementary or Novice/Intermediate Middle School
    • Class 2: Advanced Middle School or Intermediate High School
    • Class 3: Advanced High School

Before attending a festival it is crucial that all participants new and old review the Bay Section Festival Procedures.

CMEA Large Group Festivals: $350 per ensemble

In-person Bay Section Large Group Festivals are back! Groups can register for ratings or comments-only and can choose to sight-read or receive a clinic. All participating ensembles will receive audio commentary as well as written feedback from each adjudicator. Groups that register for comments-only receive a clinic following their performance. Due to the limited number of available sites, this year festival registration will not be restricted by area. All festivals will be open to all groups regardless of region.

New for 2022: To provide specialized adjudication for our string ensembles, this year Bay Section will offer two orchestra-only festivals. If you are an orchestra director we highly encourage you to register your orchestra for the orchestra-only festivals.

Registration will open on the following dates…

    • November 15, 2021: Jazz Festivals @ 4:00pm
    • November 16, 2021: Band and Orchestra Festivals @ 4:00pm
    • November 17, 2021: Choral Festivals @ 4:00pm
    • December 15, 2021: Registration closes

Schedules & How to Register…

    • To register for an in-person Large Group Festival please login to the CMEA Bay Section Festival Registration Portal (UPDATED LINK FOR 2023 FESTIVALS TO COME)
    • To view all festival dates visit the 2022 Festival Schedule page (UPDATED LINK FOR 2023 FESTIVALS TO COME)
    • Payment deadline: Festival payments must be received by [DATE TO BE UPDATED]

Guidelines for Participants…

    • All participants are required to wear a mask at all times, including during performances
    • Instrumental groups are also required to perform with bell covers/PPE
    • Participants must adhere to all site guidelines, including vaccination requirements or proof of a negative PCR test, social distancing requirements up to 6ft., limited seating capacity in the performance area, and any other requirements noted by your site host.
    • Any groups not strictly adhering to these guidelines will be asked to leave the festival by a CMEA Bay Section Board Member.

CMEA Comes to You: $250 per ensemble

To provide festival access to programs that cannot attend a Large Group Festival, CMEA Bay Section is offering schools the opportunity to host a team of adjudicators at their site. Three adjudicators will provide audio commentary and written feedback using the same rubrics and adjudication forms used at a Large Group Festivals. Following each performance, groups will also receive a clinic from one of the adjudicators. Directors will have the option to register for ratings or comments only. CMEA Bay Section Adjudicators will be fully vaccinated.

This festival option is best suited for schools that cannot attend a Large Group Festival and would like to have two or more ensembles adjudicated. We will work diligently to try and accommodate all schools that register, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fill all requests. Once we have scheduled your group(s) you will receive a final confirmation email and invoice no later than December 31, 2021. If we are unable to accommodate your group, we encourage directors to register for the Virtual Festival option (more info below).

How to Register…

    • To register for CMEA Comes to You please fill out the CMEA Comes to You Registration Form (UPDATED LINK FOR 2023 FESTIVALS TO COME)

Guidelines for schools choosing this festival option…

    • Schools that register should make special accommodations at their school for this adjudicated performance
    • Schools should have an adequate performance space that includes an area with tables for adjudicators (theaters preferred)
    • Schools will be scheduled in AM time blocks (9am-12pm) or PM time slots (1pm-4pm)
    • Directors with multiple groups should plan on scheduling all of their ensembles to perform back to back in the designated time slot. We cannot provide adjudication for groups during a class period (i.e. group 1 during 2nd period, and group 2 during 5th period).
    • Groups with one ensemble will be scheduled in a 50 minute time slot for performance + clinic
    • Groups with two ensembles will have a time block of 100 minutes for performances + clinics
    • Groups with three ensembles will have a time block of 2.5 hours for all performances + clinics
    • Schools that would like to schedule more than three groups, including combining with other schools within their district, should contact Greg Conway
    • Directors will be responsible for printing all evaluation materials for judges (to be posted on the website)
    • This festival will follow all guidelines all procedures for a large ensemble festival, including time limits, performance guidelines, and providing music scores for all adjudicators
    • Groups seeking this option will NOT be required to sight-read and will not be eligible for a Unanimous Superior plaque

Virtual Festival: $150 per ensemble

Groups that cannot attend a traditional festival or host CMEA Comes to You are encouraged to register for the CMEA Virtual Festival. Participating groups will submit video or audio recordings of their ensembles and will be evaluated by two CMEA Bay Section adjudicators. Groups will be evaluated using the same rubrics used for large ensemble festivals. Directors will receive a digital form with detailed written feedback to be shared with student performers. Directors may opt for comments only and no ratings and scores. Groups that enter this virtual festival are eligible to receive a “Command Performance.”

How to Register…

    • To register for CMEA Comes to You please fill out the CMEA Virtual Festival Registration Form (UPDATED LINK FOR 2023 FESTIVALS TO COME)


  • November 15th: Virtual Festival registration opens
  • December 15th: Virtual Festival registration closes
  • March 15, 2022: Video or audio recordings uploaded to shared folder (once you register you’ll receive a link to this folder)
  • May 2, 2022: Adjudicator comments and ratings sent to participating groups