2022 Winter Conference Sessions

Friday, January 7th | 2:30PM – 3:45PM

Location: Student Union Room 1


Next Steps, Best Steps: Best Practices For Student Engagement: Classroom Management For Beginning Teachers
Clinician: Mickey Smith Jr.
Type: Innovation and Technology

Synopsis: Via live stream, Sound180 Educator, Grammy Music Educator Award Recipient and 6-time Educator of the Year, Mickey Smith Jr. shares how to make your next steps your best steps and your students next sounds their best sounds yet by reminding us all that the ability to engage learners must be central to all that we do and who we are. Keeping students excited throughout your entire rehearsal with invigorating ideas and a few simple strategies is no longer option- al; it is essential. Expect to leave this session ready to build an electrifying classroom bursting with engaged and motivated musicians who can’t wait to return to your room! This highly interactive session will get every participant engaged in real-life teach- ing scenarios played out with the session attendees. Participants will return with a tool box full of strate- gies to LEVEL UP (i.e. increase student engagement through improved pacing, shared experiences, daily hooks, instructional games, classroom management methods, and cliff-hanger endings etc). These strate- gies will ultimately develop a program of enthusias- tic, loyal, and hard-working student musicians empowered to KEEP ON GOING from potential to promise!

Join Mickey Smith Jr. in the first of two sessions at this conference, and interact on lessons of innovation in music education.  Visit https://mickeysmithjr.com/ to learn more about  Mr. Smith’s experience, accomplishments, and how he can be an encouragement to you and your students!

Session Documents/Handouts