2023 Conference Sessions

The Magic of the Arts and Visuals– Singing Games and Movement Games for Elementary Students

Clinician(s): Melanie Kang

Since elementary students are concrete thinkers, elementary music teaching and learning never stands alone; it always starts with stories, games, pictures, and visuals. Over the years of trying with young students, I come to realized that utilizing the art works, pictures, and visuals is an effective way to help students singing and learning music concepts. In the session, I will share some fun ways of using variety of pictures, drawings, paintings and other visual tools to facilitate children’s music learning. Artworks and visual are not only help students have clear imagination about the lyrics and music structures, they can also inspired students in improvisation, movement and dance. I will share a variety of visual tools I created over the years with participants in this session. In addition, artwork and visuals are powerful tools for multicultural songs and dances. I will also share some visual tools when I teach students Chinese folk songs and dances.

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