What We Are Doing

We are facing uncharted and difficult times as our schools and communities work to figure out how to best deal with the current Covid-19 virus. It has prompted many school districts to restrict travel, cancel tours, and even close schools due to exposure to the virus. As a result of this reality, CMEA Bay Section cannot ensure that festival sites won’t be shut down due to exposure in the future. Regrettably, the Bay Section Executive Board has made the difficult decision to cancel all remaining festivals this season.

This is a proactive measure that we feel is necessary given the health warnings globally and the unpredictable nature of school closures as a result of this pandemic. Many major festivals in our area and state have already canceled their events. The number of schools that have already contacted us regarding cancelations is alarming and required action. This is an unfortunate set of circumstances for everyone involved, but the health and safety of our colleagues and students take priority in this bizarre situation.

There is no easy solution to this problem and we understand this is an inconvenience for many programs, especially those that have already experienced cancelations to other anticipated events. CMEA Bay Section will be taking the following steps to ensure there is an equitable resolution to this situation:

  • CMEA Bay Section will freeze all 2020 registrations and carry them over to 2021.
  • Directors will not need to register for a festival during the September festival registration window. Schools will automatically be rolled over for the festival they are currently registered for in 2021 unless we hear otherwise from directors.
  • All fees paid in 2020 will be applied toward 2021 festivals.
  • Schools requesting a refund should contact Assistant Large Festivals Coordinator, Shelly Durbin (, who will work with our Executive Treasurer to get refunds out by the end of this school year.
  • Schools that receive a refund will be dropped from the festival they are registered for and will need to register again in September during the normal festival registration window.
  • Membership will be notified of 2021 festival dates no later than May 1st.
  • CMEA will expand it’s “CMEA in the Classroom” program to any interested directors wishing to receive a clinic and feedback from a qualified CMEA adjudicator. Please contact Rita Zigas Brown for more information.

We understand that implementing these changes with such limited notice is challenging, and we thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding.

Bruce Lengacher
CMEA Bay Section President