2022 Winter Conference Sessions

Saturday, January 8th | 10:25AM – 11:15PM

Location: Music Building Concert Hall


Cello Chords and Rhythms for Accompaniment of Jazz, Rock, and Fiddle Tunes
Clinician: Dr. Renata Bratt
Type: Orchestra

Synopsis: Not just for guitars! Playing chords teaches cellists a basic understanding of music theory as well as shifting, rhythmic and intonation skills. Your students can accompany tunes with major and minor chord shapes, rhythmic patterns including single and two-measure patterns, syncopated rhythm patterns, rock patterns, and the percussive chop. Besides adding rhythmic flair, chopping gives bow hands an essential work-out; it teaches R.H.fingers to move independently, lends agility to string crossing, cross-trains spiccato, sautille and setting the bow and boosts wrist flexibility. Bring a cello if you can!

Session Documents/Handouts

Renata Bratt Cello Chords